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  1. Building a Property 

    1. Can Foreigners Purchase Property in Jamaica?
    2. Should someone build bit by bit in Jamaica with money as it comes in?
    3. Is planning permission required to build a home in Jamaica?
    4. Can I extend my existing home without needing to reapply for planning permission and building consent in Jamaica?
    5. How can I get assistance from JPS if I need to install my own electric posts and wires to connect to the nearest electric post, but this would result in my meter being located far from my property?
  2. Buying a Property 

    1. The owner of the land I am buying has suggested that for convenience I use his attorney-at-law. Is this advisable?
    2. The land I intend to buy only has a common law title. What is the implication of this?
    3. Before Buying Land in a Subdivision Scheme, What Should I Do?
    4. I need to buy a house. Who should I contact?
    5. Is the advertised development considered satisfactory? There have been reports of Jamaicans encountering negative experiences with certain real estate developers.
  3. FAQs 

    1. What Safety and Security Measures are Available for Returning Residents in Jamaica?
    2. What Are the Wealthiest Areas in Jamaica and What Defines Them?
    3. What are Jamaican homes like?
    4. Is it worth buying property in Jamaica?
    5. What is the estimated budget needed for a comfortable lifestyle in Jamaica?
  4. General Information 

    1. What is the purpose of the Real Estate Board in Jamaica?
    2. What is the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)?
    3. What is the Realtors Association of Jamaica (RAJ)?
    4. What distinguishes a real estate agent from REALTORS® in Jamaica, and why is a copyright symbol used at the end of REALTORS®?
    5. What are Gated Communities in Jamaica and What Benefits Do They Offer?"
  5. Getting Started 

    1. How to create an account on Jamaica Homes?
    2. CRM Activities
    3. Leads Management
    4. I need help with my property images?
  6. Legal and Contractual 

    1. What is a Caveat and How Does it Affect Real Estate Transactions?
    2. What are Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty?
    3. How Can I Obtain a Title for My Property Without a Registered Title?
    4. What should I do if I discover a shack erected on a piece of land adjacent to my Jamaica investment property, with someone living there without authorization?
    5. What steps should I take if a developer has constructed an entrance road leading from an adjoining community to my property without proper planning permission, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of our private residential scheme?
  7. Living in Jamaica 

    1. Which area of Jamaica offers the best living environment?
    2. Why are so many houses unfinished in Jamaica?
    3. What are the disadvantages of residing in Jamaica?
    4. Who is richer Jamaica or Haiti?
  8. Moving to Jamaica 

    1. Why So Many Challenges Shipping Items Over $50 to Jamaica?
    2. How much money do I need to move to Jamaica?
    3. How can I live in Jamaica permanently?
    4. How to find a job in jamaica?
    5. Upon relocating to Jamaica, what steps should I take upon arrival?
  9. Property Listings 

    1. What is a Property Listing on Jamaica Homes?
    2. Do I need to remove completed properties?
    3. Another Agent is using my images on their listing?
    4. How do I add a property to Jamaica Homes website?
    5. Can I make changes to my listing after submission?
  10. Realtor Services 

    1. How can I find a reputable realtor with Jamaica Homes?
    2. What responsibilities do registered realtors have towards their clients?
    3. What are the benefits of working with a registered realtor?
    4. What is a registered realtor in Jamaica?
    5. What is the standard commission paid to a real estate dealer on property sales?
  11. Renting a property 

    1. Can individuals list their rental properties on Jamaica Homes without being registered realtors?
    2. Who is the Rent Assessment Board in Jamaica?
    3. How do I sublet in Jamaica?
    4. Do I still have to pay rent if I give notice to quit in Jamaica?
    5. How do I give notice in Jamaica?
  12. Selling a Property 

    1. As a registered Developer leading a 12-unit townhouse project, I've collected $9 million in deposits from three individuals. I've heard that I must register a charge before accessing these funds. Can you provide clarification on this process?
    2. How to Sell a Home in Jamaica?
    3. What is the expense associated with transferring a house title in Jamaica?
    4. What is the amount of transfer tax in Jamaica?
    5. How Long Does It Typically Take to Sell a Property in Jamaica?
  13. All articles 

    1. Can a HostRooster host be considered to be a Realtor®?
    2. How a start a Portfolio of Vacation Properties in Jamaica?
    3. What is a property Manager?
    4. What are Smart Lock Hubs?
    5. Where is Jamaica?
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