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Who is the Rent Assessment Board in Jamaica?

Established on October 10, 1944, the Rent Assessment Board was formed to provide a structured framework for rental property transactions and to address the recurring disputes between landlords and tenants. Initially comprising five separate boards, each served by a chairman, deputy chairpersons, and board members, the board system has evolved over time. Presently, a single Rent Assessment Board serves the Corporate Area, situated at 25 Dominica Drive in Kingston 5, occupying the 3rd floor of The Towers.

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation's regional offices in Montego Bay, Savanna-la-Mar, and St. Ann's Bay play a crucial role in disseminating general information and assisting the board in conducting hearings at their respective offices.

Operations of the Board

Governed by the Rent Restriction Act (RRA) since its enactment on October 9, 1944, the Rent Assessment Board operates within the legal framework provided by this legislation. Over the years, several amendments have been made to the principal act, with the most recent amendment occurring in 1983.

The board serves as a mediator between landlords and tenants, facilitating resolutions to various rental-related issues. Upon receiving a complaint from either party, the board ensures fair representation and equitable resolution by consulting with all involved stakeholders. Matters such as rent arrears, security deposit refunds, and unauthorized rent hikes fall within the purview of the board's responsibilities.

Operating in a quasi-judicial capacity, the Rent Assessment Board conducts judicial hearings twice monthly, wielding powers akin to those of a Resident Magistrate's Court.

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