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Buying a Property

  1. The owner of the land I am buying has suggested that for convenience I use his attorney-at-law. Is this advisable?

  2. The land I intend to buy only has a common law title. What is the implication of this?

  3. Before Buying Land in a Subdivision Scheme, What Should I Do?

  4. I need to buy a house. Who should I contact?

  5. Is the advertised development considered satisfactory? There have been reports of Jamaicans encountering negative experiences with certain real estate developers.

  6. What steps should I take if I'm interested in purchasing a house advertised by a real estate dealer?

  7. Where can I find mortgage financing to assist me in completing a real estate purchase?

  8. What are the associated costs of mortgage financing for purchasing real estate in Jamaica?

  9. What are the costs involved in a real estate transaction?

  10. Is it possible for a non-Jamaican to purchase property in Jamaica?

  11. Is purchasing property in Jamaica a worthwhile investment?

  12. Is there affordable housing in Jamaica?

  13. Which is a better investment: purchasing a property in a gated community or a standard house in Jamaica?

  14. How much are closing costs on a house in Jamaica?

  15. Buying a Property in Jamaica: Working Out What You Can Afford

  16. How to Obtain Land and Build a Home in Jamaica?

  17. What is the Average Cost of a Quarter Acre of Land in Jamaica?

  18. What does it mean to buy a property without a title?

  19. Why is ownership uncertainty a concern when purchasing property without a title?

  20. How does buying property without a title affect financing?

  21. Should I buy a property without a title in Jamaica?

  22. What steps can I take to mitigate the risks of buying property without a title?

  23. How much does it cost to get a property valuation in Jamaica?

  24. How to find a valuation number for a property in Jamaica?

  25. What is the valuation roll in Jamaica?

  26. How long is a valuation valid for in Jamaica?

  27. What three things determine the value of land in Jamaica?

  28. Do you pay taxes on land in Jamaica?

  29. What is Captured Land in Jamaica?

  30. What Are the Closest Forms of Land Ownership to Freehold in England, Wales, and the Caribbean, and Are There Any Exceptions?

  31. What Is Indefeasibility in Property or Land Purchase in Jamaica?

  32. Can a Foreigner Buy a House in Jamaica?

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