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Buying a Property

  1. The owner of the land I am buying has suggested that for convenience I use his attorney-at-law. Is this advisable?

  2. The land I intend to buy only has a common law title. What is the implication of this?

  3. Before Buying Land in a Subdivision Scheme, What Should I Do?

  4. I need to buy a house. Who should I contact?

  5. Is the advertised development considered satisfactory? There have been reports of Jamaicans encountering negative experiences with certain real estate developers.

  6. What steps should I take if I'm interested in purchasing a house advertised by a real estate dealer?

  7. Where can I find mortgage financing to assist me in completing a real estate purchase?

  8. What are the associated costs of mortgage financing for purchasing real estate in Jamaica?

  9. What are the costs involved in a real estate transaction?

  10. Is it possible for a non-Jamaican to purchase property in Jamaica?

  11. Is purchasing property in Jamaica a worthwhile investment?

  12. Is there affordable housing in Jamaica?

  13. Which is a better investment: purchasing a property in a gated community or a standard house in Jamaica?

  14. How much are closing costs on a house in Jamaica?

  15. Buying a Property in Jamaica: Working Out What You Can Afford

  16. How to Obtain Land and Build a Home in Jamaica?

  17. What is the Average Cost of a Quarter Acre of Land in Jamaica?

  18. What does it mean to buy a property without a title?

  19. Why is ownership uncertainty a concern when purchasing property without a title?

  20. How does buying property without a title affect financing?

  21. Should I buy a property without a title in Jamaica?

  22. What steps can I take to mitigate the risks of buying property without a title?

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