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How can I get assistance from JPS if I need to install my own electric posts and wires to connect to the nearest electric post, but this would result in my meter being located far from my property?

If the nearest electric post is a significant distance from your property, you may need to install your posts and wires to connect to the existing infrastructure. However, this could result in your meter being situated some distance from your property, which may not be ideal.

To address this concern and seek assistance from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), follow these steps:

  1. Contact JPS: Reach out to the Jamaica Public Service to discuss your situation and inquire about extending the electrical connection to your property. Explain the distance between your property and the nearest electric post and ask about available options.

  2. Request an Assessment: JPS may conduct an assessment of your property to determine the feasibility of extending the electrical connection. They'll consider factors such as distance, terrain, and infrastructure requirements to provide appropriate guidance.

  3. Discuss Solutions: Based on the assessment, JPS may propose various solutions to meet your needs. This could involve extending electric lines to your property or exploring alternative arrangements for a reliable electrical connection.

  4. Negotiate Terms: Once you've discussed options with JPS, negotiate the terms of the arrangement, including costs, timelines, and responsibilities. Ensure clarity on both parties' requirements before proceeding.

  5. Follow Guidelines: If an agreement is reached, adhere to JPS guidelines for installing electrical infrastructure on your property. Compliance with safety standards and regulations is essential to avoid future issues.

By collaborating with JPS and exploring solutions together, you can establish a reliable electrical connection to your property in a manner that meets your needs and regulatory standards.

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