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Another Agent is using my images on their listing?

Another agent has utilized my images on their listing on Per our Terms and Conditions, estate agents/realtors are accountable for obtaining proper permissions for image usage in their listings.

Since Jamaica Homes ( lacks regulatory authority or law enforcement capabilities, for prompt resolution, we advise you to directly contact the estate agent/realtor using the photos. Clearly communicate a fair timeframe, such as between 48 hours and 7 days, for the images' removal.

For additional assistance, you may reach out to the JIPO (Jamaican Intellectual Property Office) at the following details:


Address: Ground Floor, JAMPRO Building, 18 Trafalgar Rd, Kingston 

Phone: (876) 946-1300

JIPO serves as the national IP office, overseeing various intellectual property systems in Jamaica, including copyright, trademarks, patents, and more. Their services aim to support creators and innovators in safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

If resolution remains elusive, you can provide our Data Quality Team at [email protected] with a copy of the copyright image registration or the original film, along with evidence of your communication with the estate agent requesting image removal. The team will then prompt the estate agent to remove the images within 5 working days, unless evidence to the contrary is provided.

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