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Legal and Contractual

  1. What is a Caveat and How Does it Affect Real Estate Transactions?

  2. What are Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty?

  3. How Can I Obtain a Title for My Property Without a Registered Title?

  4. What should I do if I discover a shack erected on a piece of land adjacent to my Jamaica investment property, with someone living there without authorization?

  5. What steps should I take if a developer has constructed an entrance road leading from an adjoining community to my property without proper planning permission, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of our private residential scheme?

  6. I'm facing pressure from my solicitor to pay all the money upfront for an investment property that hasn't been completed yet due to delays from the developer. What should I do in this situation?

  7. I've fully paid all solicitor fees and other expenses related to my new build property in Jamaica, but the property remains unfinished with no completion date in sight. What steps can I take in this situation?

  8. How to Properly Complete a Notice to Quit?

  9. What is JAMAICA S.S?

  10. I built a house on a piece of land I purchased in Jamaica, but I don't have a title. The original owner of the area passed away, and things seem to be in probate. I've been living in the house for over a decade, still don't have a title, and many others are in the same boat. I have legal documents showing the sale of the parcel of land. What do I do

  11. How should I proceed if my accountant mistakenly submitted a personal tax return instead of a business return for my realtor business in Jamaica, resulting in hefty charges from the tax office?

  12. How to fil a civil lawsuit for professional negligence or breach of contract?

  13. Are late fees imposed on personal tax returns in Jamaica?

  14. Do you need to file personal tax returns, business tax returns, or both for a registered partnership business involving two people in Jamaica? How does residency status affect this requirement?

  15. Facing Errors in Your Tax Return Due to Your Accountant's Mistakes in Jamaica: What Steps Should You Take?

  16. What's the most effective method for securing an accountant to handle my personal tax return in connection with my real estate sales?

  17. Do Bribes Facilitate Property Transactions and Construction Processes in Jamaica?

  18. What Practices Might Lead to Legal Issues for Real Estate Agents in Jamaica?

  19. What is a strata in Jamaica?

  20. Does Jamaica adhere to the GDPR data protection law? Here's some context: Overview

  21. How long do you pay taxes on land before it becomes yours in Jamaica?

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