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I've fully paid all solicitor fees and other expenses related to my new build property in Jamaica, but the property remains unfinished with no completion date in sight. What steps can I take in this situation?

It's concerning to be in this predicament, especially after fulfilling financial obligations. Firstly, communicate with the developer to understand the reasons behind the delays and inquire about an estimated completion timeline. Document all interactions for future reference. If the developer fails to provide satisfactory answers or a clear completion date, seek legal advice from a reputable attorney specializing in real estate matters in Jamaica. They can review your contract, assess your options, and guide you on potential courses of action, such as seeking compensation for delays or termination of the contract. At Jamaica Homes, we empathize with your situation and prioritize transparency and accountability in all our dealings. For further assistance or referrals to trusted legal professionals, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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