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What should I do if I discover a shack erected on a piece of land adjacent to my Jamaica investment property, with someone living there without authorization?

If you discover that someone has erected a shack on a piece of land next to your Jamaica investment property and is also residing there without authorization, it's crucial to handle the situation promptly to safeguard your investment. Here's a comprehensive guide on what steps to take:

  1. Assess the Situation: Begin by gathering all relevant information about the encroachment. Determine the extent of the encroachment, whether it's temporary or permanent, and whether any legal rights have been established by the encroacher.

  2. Seek Legal Advice: Since you're unsure about the ownership of the land, it's essential to consult with a qualified attorney who specializes in real estate law in Jamaica. They can assist you in determining the rightful owner of the land and advise you on your rights and legal options.

  3. Communicate with the Encroacher: Initiate a dialogue with the individual who erected the shack and is living on the land. Approach the conversation politely but firmly, explaining that you're not the owner of the land and expressing your concerns about their unauthorized occupation.

  4. Report to Authorities: If the encroacher refuses to vacate the land or if you're unable to resolve the issue amicably, consider reporting the matter to the relevant authorities, such as the local government or land registry office. They can conduct investigations to determine land ownership and take appropriate action.

  5. Document Everything: Maintain detailed records of all communications, notices, and actions related to the encroachment. These records can serve as valuable evidence in any potential legal proceedings or disputes over land ownership.

  6. Protect Your Investment: While the situation is being addressed, take steps to protect your investment property. This may include securing the property to prevent further encroachments or damages.

  7. Seek Resolution: Work towards finding a resolution to the situation that is fair and legally sound. This may involve negotiating with the encroacher, seeking assistance from local authorities, or pursuing legal action if necessary.

  8. Prevent Future Encroachments: Once the current encroachment has been addressed, take proactive measures to prevent similar situations in the future. Regularly monitor your property boundaries and promptly address any signs of unauthorized activity or encroachment.

By following these proactive steps and seeking legal guidance, you can effectively address the encroachment on the land next to your Jamaica investment property and protect your rights as a concerned party. For further assistance or to connect with experienced real estate professionals, visit Jamaica Homes.


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