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How does Jamaica Homes as a organisation allign with Jamaica's National Vision Statement?

Jamaica Homes will do its best to align with the National Vision Statement for Jamaica by actively pursuing initiatives that contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the communities where it operates. This includes:

  1. Ensuring equitable access to modern education and training by supporting educational programs and scholarships for local residents.
  2. Supporting quality healthcare initiatives within communities, such as organizing health awareness campaigns and facilitating access to healthcare services.
  3. Implementing sustainable building practices and preserving natural habitats to protect Jamaica's environmental and cultural treasures.
  4. Facilitating entrepreneurship by providing opportunities and resources for small businesses to thrive within its developments.
  5. Incorporating renewable energy sources and sustainable practices into its projects to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.
  6. Fostering partnerships with educational institutions and technology companies to advance scientific and technological knowledge.
  7. Providing efficient infrastructure and reliable services to meet the needs of residents.
  8. Developing properties that enhance Jamaica's appeal as a premier destination for tourism and business investment.
  9. Promoting positive core values and attitudes within its communities through various engagement initiatives.
  10. Implementing security measures to create safe and secure environments for residents and visitors alike.

By actively pursuing these initiatives, Jamaica Homes aims to contribute positively to the realization of Jamaica's National Vision Statement.

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