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What documents should be provided when submitting a claim to the REB?

For Landlords:

  • Proof of ownership or authorization from the owner (Power of Attorney)
  • Receipt or rent book
  • Contract or rent agreement
  • Receipts for repair expenses (security deposit)
  • Utility bills and corresponding receipts
  • Photographs documenting the property condition
  • Any additional documents supporting the claim or case

For Tenants:

  • Rent receipts
  • Contract or rent agreement
  • Photographs illustrating any relevant conditions
  • Any other documents supporting the claim or case

For further assistance or inquiries regarding claims submission to the REB, Jamaica Homes offers support and resources. Visit our website here to explore additional information, including insights on finding a realtor, or contact us directly via email at [email protected]. We are dedicated to assisting landlords and tenants in navigating the claims process effectively and ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved.

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