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Contacting Agents - Sending Inquiries

This section explains how to send inquiries about properties on Jamaica Homes ( 

Two Ways to Send Inquiries: 

  • General Inquiry: Use this if you haven't found a specific property yet or need general guidance. 

  • Inquiry About a Specific Property: Use this if you're interested in a particular listing. 

General Inquiry: 

Go to Jamaica Homes: Open in your web browser. 
Access Inquiry Form: 
  • Go to the top navigation bar. 

  • Hover over "Help." 

  • Click on "Inquiry." 

Fill Out the Form: 

  • Enter your first name. 

  • Enter your last name. 

  • Enter your email address. 

  • (Optional) In the "Message" field, you can specify your general inquiry or questions. 

  • (Optional) Select the property type you're interested in (e.g., apartment, house). 

  1. Submit Inquiry: Click the "Send" button. Your inquiry will be received by Jamaica Homes and someone will get back to you. 

Inquiry About a Specific Property: 

Find the Property: 
  • Use the search bar (available on most pages) to find a property that interests you. You can filter by location, type, price, and other criteria (refer to the previous guide for search instructions). 

  • Alternatively, browse featured properties on the homepage. 

Open Property Listing: 

  • Click on the image or title of the property to view its details. 

Desktop Version: 

  • Look for the "Schedule a Tour" or "Request Info" tab on the right side of the property listing page. 

Mobile Version: 

  • Scroll down past the main pictures and property description. 

Select Inquiry Option: 

  • On both desktop and mobile versions, you'll see options like "Schedule a Tour" or "Inquire About Property." Choose "Inquire About Property" for this guide. 

  • (Optional) Ignore the "Schedule a Tour" option unless you want to schedule a viewing. 

Fill Out the Inquiry Form: 

  • You'll see a form titled "Inquiry About Property" or "Request Information." 

  • Enter your email address. 

  • Enter your phone number (optional). 

  • Enter your name. 

  • Select your inquiry type: Buyer, Tenant, Agent, or Other. 

  • In the "Message" field, write a detailed message about your inquiry. Be specific about what interests you in the property. The more details you provide, the better assistance you'll receive. 

Submit Inquiry: 

  • Click the checkbox "I agree to the Terms of Use" (mandatory). 

  • Click the "Request Information" or "Send" button to submit your inquiry. 

Additional Tips: 

  • A Jamaica Homes account is not required to submit inquiries. 

  • Respond promptly if you receive a reply to your inquiry to keep the communication flowing. 

  • By providing clear and detailed inquiries, you'll get more relevant and helpful responses from Jamaica Homes. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this FAQ is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or professional advice. For specific questions regarding your Jamaican home, please consult with a qualified professional. Jamaica Homes is not liable for any actions taken based on the information contained herein.

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