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Searching for Properties 

This guide will show you how to use basic and advanced search features on Jamaica Homes (

Basic Search: 

  1. Visit the Jamaica Homes website: Go to 
  1. Choose Property Type: 
  • Underneath the banner, you'll see options for "For Rent" and "For Sale." Select the option based on your needs.
  1. Filter by Location: 
  • In the "Location" field, select the parish where you'd like to find properties (e.g., Kingston, St. Andrew, Manchester).
  1. Set Bedroom Count: 
  • Use the "Bedrooms" dropdown to choose the desired number of bedrooms.
  1. Set Budget: 
  • In the "Max Price" field, enter your maximum budget or leave it blank for any price range.
  1. Click Search: 
  • Click the "Search" button to view matching properties.

Advanced Search: 

Finding the Advanced Search: 

  • Basic search is quick for general needs. For more specific searches, use the advanced search option.
  • The location of the advanced search bar depends on the page you're on:
  • Front Page: Advanced search is not available on the front page. Use the basic search options there.
  • Search Results Page & Other Pages: Look for the search bar at the top of the page (except the Jamaica Homes dashboard).

Using the Advanced Search Bar: 

  1. Location: 
  • Enter an address, town, street name, or property ID in the search bar.
  • The system might suggest matching locations based on your input.
  1. Basic Filters (Optional): 
  • Similar to basic search, you can set filters for "Beds" (minimum bedrooms) and "Max Price."
  1. Advanced Options (Click "Advanced" button): 
  • Click the "Advanced" button next to the search bar to reveal more filters.
  • Parishes: Refine your location by selecting specific parishes.
  • Cities/Towns: Narrow down your search by choosing specific cities or towns within a parish.
  • Additional Features: Select features you're interested in, such as "New Construction," "Pending," or "Subject to Contract."
  • Bathrooms: Choose the minimum number of bathrooms desired.
  • Labels: Filter by labels Realtors use to describe properties (e.g., "Back on Market," "Investment Property").
  1. Click Search: 
  • After applying your desired filters, click the "Search" button to find properties matching your advanced criteria.


  • Use a combination of basic and advanced search options to find properties that best suit your needs.
  • Explore the various filters in the advanced search to target your ideal property location and features.
  • By refining your search, you can save time and focus on the most relevant properties.  

Saved Searches

Here's how to save your property searches on Jamaica Homes:


  • A Jamaica Homes account (free to create).


  1. Perform a Search: 
  • Use either basic or advanced search options to find properties that match your criteria (refer to the previous guide for search instructions).
  1. Save the Search: 
  • After filtering your search results, locate the "Save Search" button. It might be near the top or bottom of the search results page.
  1. Benefits of Saving Searches: 
  • Clicking "Save Search" will add this specific search with its criteria to your account.
  • Whenever new properties are listed that meet your saved search criteria, you'll receive email notifications from Jamaica Homes.

Who can benefit from Saved Searches? 

  • Buyers: Stay updated on new listings that fit your budget, location, and desired features.
  • Sellers: Track similar properties hitting the market to understand current pricing trends.
  • Real Estate Agents: Monitor new listings relevant to your clients' needs.

Additional Notes: 

  • Creating a Jamaica Homes account is necessary to use the "Save Search" feature.
  • Saved searches allow you to be proactive in your property search and receive updates conveniently. 

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