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Jamaica Homes Guide to Accessibility Features

For buyers with specific needs or those planning for the future, accessibility features in a home are crucial. Here are the key accessibility features explained:

  • Accessible Kitchen: Designed for ease of use by everyone, including individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.
  • Accessible Parking: Parking spaces that accommodate vehicles for the disabled, often wider and closer to entrances.
  • Adjustable Countertops: Countertops that can be adjusted in height to accommodate users of all statures and abilities.
  • Disabled Access: General term for modifications made to a property to make it accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  • Handrails: Supportive rails in critical areas to assist in mobility and safety.
  • Lateral Living: Single-level living spaces that eliminate the need for stairs, ideal for those with mobility issues.
  • Level Access: Entrances without steps, making it easier for wheelchair users or those with mobility aids.
  • Lift Access: Availability of a lift/elevator for easy access between floors.
  • Ramped Access: Sloped surfaces that facilitate wheelchair or mobility scooter access.
  • Step-free Access: Properties designed without steps to ensure ease of movement for everyone.
  • Tactile Flooring: Flooring designed with textures to assist individuals with visual impairments.
  • Visual Alarms: Alarm systems equipped with visual indicators for the hearing impaired.
  • Wet Room/Wet Room: A waterproof room, usually a bathroom, designed to be fully accessible with open showers and sometimes includes a tub.
  • Wheelchair-Friendly Bathrooms: Bathrooms designed to be used independently by individuals in wheelchairs.
  • Wide Doorways: Doorways constructed wider than standard to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids.

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