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Guide to Understanding Property Features on

When selecting a new home, understanding the features each property offers is crucial. Here's a breakdown of "Other Features" you may find listed on, designed to help potential buyers identify what amenities and attributes align with their needs and lifestyle preferences.

24 Hour Security

Properties equipped with 24-hour security services provide round-the-clock surveillance and protection, ensuring a safe living environment.

Air Conditioning

Homes with air conditioning offer a cool retreat from Jamaica's warm climate, ensuring indoor comfort regardless of the outdoor temperature.


This category includes properties classified as apartments, ranging from studio units to multi-bedroom offerings in various settings.


Properties featuring balconies provide outdoor space for relaxation, entertainment, or enjoying the view, adding to the living experience.


A home with a barbecue area is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor cooking and dining, ideal for gatherings with family and friends.

Beach Access

Beach access indicates that the property is either directly on the beach or has private access to a beach, perfect for beach lovers and water activities.


Beachfront properties are directly facing the beach or ocean, offering unobstructed sea views and immediate access to the sand and surf.


Homes equipped with cable TV services are ready for you to connect and enjoy a variety of television programming upon moving in.

Ceiling Fans

Properties with ceiling fans offer an energy-efficient way to cool rooms, enhancing air circulation throughout the home.


A property with clubhouse access provides communal space for socializing, events, and various recreational activities, often including amenities like pools and fitness centers.

Double Garage

A double garage offers ample space for two vehicles, providing secure and convenient parking or additional storage space.


Homes featuring a dryer facilitate convenient laundry care, allowing for quick and efficient drying of clothes.

Exercise Centre

Access to an exercise centre means the property is either equipped with its own fitness facilities or offers access to a nearby gym.

Fully Fenced

A fully fenced property offers added security and privacy, delineating property boundaries clearly.

Fully Walled

Similar to fencing, being fully walled enhances privacy and security, often providing a solid barrier around the property.


Furnished properties come equipped with furniture and appliances, making them move-in ready and ideal for those seeking a hassle-free transition.


A garage provides secure, covered parking for vehicles, protecting them from the elements and potentially serving as additional storage space.

Garden Area

Properties with a garden area offer outdoor space for gardening, relaxation, and play, enhancing the home's living environment.


Homes with gym access are perfect for fitness enthusiasts, offering equipment for workouts without leaving the comfort of your community.

Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

A Jacuzzi or hot tub provides a luxurious setting for relaxation and entertainment, perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Laundry facilities within a home ensure convenient care and management of clothing and textiles, a necessity for day-to-day living.


A lawn provides a green, open space for outdoor activities, enhancing the property's aesthetic and functional appeal.


Including a microwave in the property adds convenience to meal preparation, warming up food quickly and efficiently.

Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is perfect for rinsing off after a day at the beach or a dip in the pool, adding a practical and refreshing feature to the home.


Designated parking ensures that residents have a secure and convenient space for their vehicles, an essential feature for car owners.


Pet-friendly properties welcome animals, making them ideal for pet owners looking for a new home that accommodates their furry friends.


A refrigerator is a fundamental appliance for storing food and beverages, ensuring they stay fresh and safe to consume.


A sauna offers a luxurious health and relaxation benefit, perfect for detoxification and unwinding in the comfort of your home.


Properties boasting security features such as alarms, guards, or surveillance systems provide peace of mind through enhanced safety measures.

Stand-by Generator

A stand-by generator ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages, maintaining comfort and convenience.

Store Front

Properties with a store front offer commercial potential, ideal for those looking to operate a business directly from their home.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool provides a refreshing escape from the heat, a focal point for entertainment, and a valuable asset for exercise and relaxation.


Including a washing machine in the property facilitates easy laundry care, an essential component of household management.

Water Heater

A water heater ensures access to hot water for bathing, cleaning, and cooking, a key comfort feature.

Water Tank

A water tank offers a reserve supply of water, ensuring consistent availability even during interruptions in the main supply.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair-accessible features ensure the property is navigable for individuals with mobility challenges, promoting inclusivity and comfort.


Properties with WiFi capability allow for immediate access to the internet, a necessity for communication, entertainment, and work in today's digital age.

Window Coverings

Window coverings provide privacy, light control, and a decorative touch, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the home.

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a specialized storage space for wine enthusiasts, offering optimal conditions for preserving and aging wine.

Understanding these features will help you refine your search on, ensuring you find a property that meets all your needs and preferences

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