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How can I live in Jamaica permanently?

To secure permanent residency in Jamaica, non-Jamaican nationals have several avenues:

  1. Employment: Foreigners who have worked in Jamaica for three years or more can apply for permanent residency based on their employment history.

  2. Marriage: Being married to a Jamaican citizen allows non-Jamaicans to apply for permanent residency, establishing familial ties as the basis for their application.

  3. Retirement: Individuals who have retired from their home country can seek permanent residency in Jamaica, choosing to spend their retirement years in the country.

For temporary residency in Jamaica, foreigners can reside in the country through various means:

  1. Student Visa: Foreign students enrolled in Jamaican educational institutions can obtain temporary residency to pursue academic studies.

  2. Employment Visa: Non-Jamaicans employed by Jamaican companies can apply for temporary residency, allowing them to legally work in the country.

  3. Marriage to a Jamaican: Marriage to a Jamaican citizen grants temporary residency, providing an option for foreigners recently married to Jamaicans.

  4. Dependent Visa: Dependents of individuals working in Jamaica, such as spouses and children, can apply for temporary residency to reside with their family members.

Extensions of stay for temporary residency are processed within three working days by the Immigration Unit in the Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency (PICA), ensuring a streamlined process.

Whether seeking permanent or temporary residency, non-Jamaican nationals have several options available to legally reside in the country and enjoy its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.

[Last updated: February 21, 2024]

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