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What is the National Land Agency (NLA) in Jamaica?

The National Land Agency (NLA) operates as an Executive Agency within the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, established as part of Jamaica's Public Sector Modernisation Programme. It consolidates key land information functions of the government, including Land Titles, Surveys & Mapping, and Land Valuation & Estate Management, fostering synergy to develop a modern national land information system supporting sustainable development.

Recognizing the crucial role of timely geographical information, the NLA serves as a cornerstone for both public and private sector decision-making. Services such as land registration facilitate investment decisions, while initiatives like providing land to underserved communities enhance societal well-being.

Aligned with the Public Sector Modernisation Programme's objective to enhance service delivery, the NLA is dedicated to:

  • Improving business processes to expedite land titling.
  • Enhancing accessibility through computerization and online services.
  • Offering one-stop-shopping for all agency services.
  • Extending services regionally for broader citizen access.
  • Developing a Spatial Information Infrastructure for seamless data sharing among government agencies and private sector organizations.

With a commitment to client-centric operations, the NLA engages stakeholders regularly to enhance and expand its service portfolio.

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