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CRM Activities


Welcome to Jamaica Homes, your comprehensive solution for tracking lead activities and staying updated on crucial events related to your listed properties. Whether it's communication between agents and clients, lead acquisition, or managing new favorites, Jamaica Homes has you covered.

How Activities are Collected

The Activities section seamlessly gathers data from various fields within the Jamaica Homes CRM, consolidating information from the following sources:

  • Leads: Information derived from leads created by users.
  • Deals: Updates on deals offered by users.
  • Inquiries: Details on inquiries made by users, both on the website and regarding specific properties.

Activities Recorded

The Activities section automatically records events when specific conditions are met, ensuring a comprehensive overview of relevant interactions. The following sources contribute to the recorded activities:

  1. New Lead:
    • Trigger: When a user adds a new lead from the dashboard menu.
  2. Favorite Property:
    • Trigger: When a user adds a property to their favorites.
    • Recorded Data: Insights from the favorite property section are captured.
  3. New Message:
    • Trigger: When a user sends a message to the host or property owner.
    • Recorded Data: Message-related activities are showcased in the Activities section.
  4. New Property Tour Request:
    • Trigger: When a user or buyer schedules a tour on the property page.
    • Recorded Data: Details of property tour requests are visible in the Activities section.
  5. New Rating:
    • Trigger: When a user provides a rating in the property review section.
    • Recorded Data: Ratings are documented in the Activities section for your reference.

Examples in the Activities Section

Visualizing these recorded activities in the Activities section is straightforward. Here are some examples:

  • New Message Activity:
  • New Property Tour Request Activity:
  • New Rating Activity:

Stay informed and make the most of Jamaica Homes' Activities Tracker to streamline your real estate management experience.Jamaica Homes tracks the activities of your leads and updates you about all the important activities on your listed properties. Communication between agents and clients, lead acquisition, and new favorites – are just some of the things you can monitor.

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