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  1. What steps should I take if I'm unable to pay rent on time?

  2. What is the expense associated with transferring a house title in Jamaica?

  3. Can a HostRooster host be considered to be a Realtor®?

  4. Should I Invest in Solar Panels Due to Frequent Power Outages in Jamaica?

  5. Is it possible for me to remain in Jamaica if I marry a Jamaican?

  6. Do I still have to pay rent if I give notice to quit in Jamaica?

  7. Why move to Jamaica?

  8. How can I get assistance from JPS if I need to install my own electric posts and wires to connect to the nearest electric post, but this would result in my meter being located far from my property?

  9. Can a real estate agent in Jamaica also take on the role of a host?

  10. What happens if you don t pay your property taxes in jamaica?

  11. How do i obtain a title history for a property in jamaica?

  12. In Jamaica, we often hear about "realtors" and "hosts" in the realm of real estate, but what exactly do these terms mean?

  13. When is jamaica property tax due?

  14. Who usually applies for a Development Order in Jamaica, and for what purposes?

  15. Who is the Rent Assessment Board in Jamaica?

  16. How Does the Jamaican Real Estate Board Ensure the Integrity of Developers?

  17. What is the purpose of the Real Estate Board in Jamaica?

  18. What steps should I take if a developer has constructed an entrance road leading from an adjoining community to my property without proper planning permission, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of our private residential scheme?

  19. CRM Activities

  20. Help Guide for Notice to Quit Form

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