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Clark’s Town

Clark's Town, situated in Trelawny Parish along Jamaica's northern coast, is a community with a rich history and burgeoning real estate market.

Historical Origins

Named after James Clark, an 18th-century landowner, Clark's Town has roots in Jamaica's colonial past and sugar industry. Its historic sites and ruins offer glimpses into its vibrant history.

Cultural Vibrancy

The village celebrates its cultural heritage through music, dance, and cuisine, evident in local festivals and markets. Visitors can enjoy traditional Jamaican dishes and explore the area's historical landmarks.

Real Estate Opportunities

With its prime location and growing tourism, Clark's Town's real estate market is expanding. It offers various residential options, from cottages to condominiums, with potential for rental and hospitality businesses.

Investment Potential

Investors find Clark's Town appealing due to its proximity to tourist destinations like Montego Bay. Government incentives and infrastructure projects further enhance its investment prospects.

Sustainable Growth

The community emphasizes sustainability and responsible development, preserving its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Initiatives focus on environmental conservation and social responsibility.


Clark's Town blends history, culture, and real estate potential along Jamaica's northern coast. Its evolution reflects the resilience and vibrancy of Jamaican communities.

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